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The Black Archives

August 14th, 2020

Obverse Books have been on the cutting edge of critical monographs regarding selected individual Doctor Who stories since 2016. Imagine an in depth look at the actual stories themselves, as opposed to documentaries which typically tend to focus on behind the scenes filming details rather than the stories themselves. Then toss into the mix a handful of renowned authors from which we have only seen fictional stories such as; Simon Guerrier, Una McCormack (Star Trek), Jonathan Morris, Simon Bucher-Jones and a bountiful bevy of others. And then toss into that mix a good number of virgin authors new to the whole Who realm.

All of The Black Archives books were added to The Time Scales today, for your consideration of reviews of these fine publications.

The Black Archives on The Time Scales;


This may open the question as to if The Time Scales will be adding the series that Obverse Books is also famous for? Faction Paradox?

Yes. The Time Scales will soon add all Faction Paradox books, anthologies and audios for your consideration of reviews. This will also provide many interesting cross references of not only authors but characters that crossed over into Big Finish and Bernice Summerfield.

May you find a great story that you will love!


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The Time Scales Website Upgrades

August 12th, 2020

No one likes it when their favorite website or app changes, and we get that. Do not worry, there's not going to be some major overhaul of 'The Time Scales' under new operational management. No executive orders here.

What we will work on are fun and useful additions to the site which will enhance the user experience.

Here are the major new features coming to your screen soon;

1) Draft reviews. Have you ever started or even finished a review only to find it lost when you clicked on 'SUBMIT'? Perhaps to find that your Internet connection was not on, or some other similar disaster? I think we all have. I typed an 800 word review once and it was lost as when I clicked 'Save'. Something happened and it was gone. See, that sucks beyond belief and we are going to prevent that. The main update for September 2020 is being written by Imperial Heathen (Founder) and this will allow you to write reviews over a period of time. It will save your draft reviews (when logged in) and you can take hours or even days now to finish your reviews. Well, once this is complete. It is not active yet but is expected to be in late September.

2) Enhanced images. You will now be able to click on images of covers and see the full sized ones. A beta of this rolled out on August 11th, 2020 and while it works, this is far from complete. It will get better to enhance the visual experience.

3) Forums. Yes, this idea is being tossed around. It would seem that there would be value in people being able to debate reviews in personal exchanges. Let's just all think of that for a minute.

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August 2020

Welcome to the new Time Scales News page which opened August 11th 2020

August 11th, 2020 - By : Kamelion

The Time Scales as we all know is the Internet's largest and most comprehensive catalog of Doctor Who and all related stories in Audio format, books, comics and related. There has never been a more complete catalog of all related stories in any form, manner or fashion. And you can review them all!

As we all should know, the founder of this magnificent creation, Imperial Heathen, started this site from scratch with some raw and bold code in 2010, and the site went live on July 4th, 2010. Created on the United States East Coast. The Time Scales celebrated it's Tenth Anniversary on July 4th 2020. Shortly after the original torch holder decided to retire, and pass it along to someone that would nurture and maybe even grow it more.

I contacted him a few years ago, regarding a bookmark of the site I made in 2015. I was welcomed with open arms to help with the site and I took it from 2400 or so stories to the now over 7500. I learned everything I ever wanted to know about how many Doctor Who stories there are. No better way to learn than to actually finish the World's largest ever complete catalog of Doctor Who and related stories. I really enjoyed those countless hours and the knowledge will last a lifetime.

Turn up the clock to summer of 2020 where we are now. What would seem more natural than for the catalog manager that built out the site in the last few years and tripled it's size and use, to take over as webmaster? With the kind grace of Imperial Heathen, I took over the site as webmaster in August 2020 and that is with full respect for Imperial Heathen who will remain on as the primary programmer, and always, the Legendary Founder.

Imperial Heathen will continue on as The Time Scales primary programmer and his help is greatly appreciated. This is a win-win for everyone!

This page will be a good place to keep up with site updates. I'm not going to change anything major as we all know that it is a huge pain when your favorite programs change. The updates will be simple, painless and hopefully fun and useful to the community.

Thank you to the community of people that have formed The Time Scales. It is fully respected and known that this community would not be anything without you and your now nearly 14000 reviews. The Time Scales will now always be here for everyone.


The Time Scales Catalog Manager & Sysop